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                                                               Joe's Umpire Page

Our umpires in our Minors (9/10) and Majors (11/12) programs are mostly local teenagers who have been trained by our Umpire In Chief, Joe Goldsmith. Joe does a great job in preparing the teens for our games. If there are ever any issues with umpires, please contact Joe. Anyone who is interested in umpiring should contact Joe in early February of each year.

For Fall Ball, there is a new cycle of umpires and training that begins in July. This is a great environment for new umpires to get training - contact Joe if interested.

Umpire Test:

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Interested in Umpiring ?

Interested in Umpiring ?

If you are interested in learning how to umpire in our league, please contact our Umpire in Chief, Joe Goldsmith at 


We require that you be at least 13 years old, and that you attend the clinics. Dads and Moms are welcome also and are encouraged to attend.  The meeting dates will be announced around the end of January.  If you have any questions, please call Joe at 845-463-5827.

Information and meeting info for experienced umpires will be available soon and sent separately.


Joe Goldsmith
PBR League Umpire-in-Chief
Poughkeepsie Babe Ruth