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About our League


Cal Ripken Division for ages 4-12: TBall ages 4-5, Rookie 6-8, Minor 9-10, Major 11-12, Babe Ruth 13-15, Senior Babe Ruth 16-18

50/70 in 11/12 (Majors) Division!

The Majors division plays using a longer pitching distance and longer bases.  Runners take leads, pitchers hold the runners on, stealing without restriction - real baseball! The pitching distance is 50 feet and the bases are 70 feet.  This is the official Cal Ripken 50/70 program.


Our league is comprised of players ages 4-18 who live predominantly in the Town of Poughkeepsie.  We typically have about 400 players in the divisions listed below.  New York State is organized into 4 Districts - South District, Central District, North District and the West District. We are part of the South District which includes leagues from Beacon, Beekman, East Fishkill, Kent, Marlboro, New Paltz and Orange County. This map can be used to determine if you live in within our league boundaries. If you are not sure which league you should be playing in email info@pokbaberuth.org

Since the 4-12 age division (Ripken) and the 13-15 division (Babe Ruth) are very different due to the ages, skill levels and parental involvement, we are fortunate to have dedicated leaders in each division at a District level. For Senior League (ages 16-18) only there is a separate league which we charter teams in - the Mid-Hudson Senior Babe Ruth League. All our other teams are chartered as part of our own league (Poughkeepsie Mid-Hudson Babe Ruth). For 13-15 Babe Ruth, depending on how many teams we have, we may play totally in-house. If we do not play in-house, we will also play teams from Beacon and Beekman.

The spring season usually starts with Opening Day on the 3rd Saturday of April, and continues through June 30. The Senior (18U) division doesn't start until games until mid to late May. Practices for all division, except Tball, normally start a few weeks prior to the first game. For most of the divisions, shortly after June 15th, All Star tournament teams are formed to play against other leagues in our District. Depending on how successful each team is, they could continue to play through July into August. Our fall season starts in mid-August for players 8-15 years of age. New teams are formed, with greater emphasis on instruction and learning. Games are played until the end of October.

We have the following divisions of play:

T-Ball (4-5): Most of the season is spent on instruction. Team rosters are small, usually consisting of 8-10 players. No real games are played and there are no umpires involved.  Standings or scores are not kept. Kids usually hit from a tee to start, and depending on progress, may end up hitting against live (adult) pitching. Some basics of the game are taught.

There are typically two practices per week (Monday thru Friday) for around one hour starting at 6:00 PM.

Rookie (6-8): Team rosters are small, usually consisting of 10-11 players. In this division, our intent is to teach the game by running infield/outfield drills, teaching proper batting stances, base running, etc., all in small groups. Our goal is to keep your child moving and learning, for the full time he/she is on the field. Another goal is to prepare your child for the next division, where games are played with umpires under official rules.

This division is a 'coach assist pitch' division. Each inning will start with a player pitching. If the pitcher walks the batter, the coach will then pitch to that batter. The player will then come back to pitch to the next batter. Sides will change after three outs or five runs. The lineup will continue from where it left off the prior inning. There will be nine players in the field (including a catcher). A team may play with as few as seven players. No games should ever be forfeited.

Minor (9-10) and Major (11-12): At these two levels each team plays approximately 14 six-inning games, and our goal is to have your child play as many of the innings as possible when he/she comes to a game. Teams are re-drafted every year, where in the past, your child would stay on the same team for two years. A player evaluation committee will evaluate all the players. Teams are formed based on guidance from the committee to assure competitive balance.  Both divisions use teen and adult umpires, who are trained by our league umpire-in-chief. When the regular season ends, players 8 years of age and above can be selected to play on "All Star teams".

Babe Ruth (15 and under) and Senior Babe Ruth (18 and under) : These divisions typically play around 10-12 seven-inning games during the season, and play on a Major League sized field. Depending on enrollment, our teams may play teams in other leagues. We contract with the Hudson Valley Umpires Association for umpires to officiate these games. Both of these divisions have All Star tournament teams as well.

Playing Up

Players that would like to play in the next division (e.g., 8 year old playing in Minors) will need to attend an evaluation to determine their readiness for the Minors.