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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Junior/Senior (13+) Questions

General Questions

  1. What’s the difference between your league and Little League?

    Our league, Poughkeepsie Babe Ruth, is affiliated with Cal Ripken for the twelve and under divisions and Babe Ruth for thirteen and up. In Little League players don’t get to steal bases until they are over 12, but in Poughkeepsie Babe Ruth, base stealing is introduced in our 9-10 Minors Division and leading in the 11-12 Majors division. Also, our 11-12 Majors players play on our 50-70 field which is larger than the Minors but not quite as big as a big league field. The pitchers mound is 50 feet away and the bases are 70 feet apart. A big league field is 60 feet from the pitchers mound and 90 feet between the bases. The “in-between-” field dimensions allow the players to adjust to playing on a bigger field and learn real baseball at an earlier age.

    See Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Rule Differences for additional information.

  2. I’ve seen flyers and advertisements for other leagues near me. What are your league boundaries?

    We operate mainly in the Town of Poughkeepsie, south of Spackenkill Road.  The official boundaries for the league are Fishkill to Hyde Park.

  3. My child participates in another sport also. When are the games usually played?

    Tee ball games are played twice during the week. Rookie, Minor and Major games are played one day during the week and one game on Saturday. We have been in contact with Soccer to coordinate scheduling for our younger divisions.

  4. How long is the season?

    Opening day is usually the third Saturday in April and play continues through early June with playoffs for our Minor divisions on up. For our Minors and Majors, All-Star Tournament play begins in mid-June and continues through mid July, depending on each team’s success.

  5. Are there other opportunities to play besides the regular season?

    Yes. We have a Fall Ball program aimed at ages 8 to 15. Emphasis is on fun and instruction. Practices begin mid-August and play continues until the end of October. We also offer clinics with local baseball facilities over the winter to keep players’ skills sharp as well as opportunities for Travel teams for some ages.

  6. My child has no equipment. What will they need to start?

    At the very least your child should have their own baseball mitt. Bats and helmets are provided at each level and catcher’s gear is even provided for Rookies on up. Of course, each child loves to have their own unique bat, so to find out how to choose the right bat please check our website for our guidelines from Babe Ruth International. A bag to carry all of their gear is recommended for Rookies on up. We provide shirts at every level but not baseball pants. Two pair of gray pants are recommended, but white or black can work as well. Belts and socks are provided to players in the Minors on up. For cleats, be sure they are made for baseball, not soccer. Baseball cleats allow the player to pivot on their front toe for batting, while soccer cleats do not.

  7. My child’s brother/sister needs to do community service in order to satisfy a requirement for school or religious instruction. Is there anything they can do to fulfill this requirement?

    Yes. As a not-for-profit organization we rely on volunteers. Our biggest need is help in the concession stands at Red Oaks Mill field, but we have a number of committees that may be able use their assistance as well.

  8. My child is 6 but has been playing baseball with his big brothers for a while now. Does he have to start in tee ball?

    We've split the Rookie Division into Coach Pitch (6/7) and Player Pitch (7/8) so he/she will be in the Rookie Division. It was felt that T-Ball was not appropriate for most 6 year olds.

  9. My child is 8 but seems ready to play with 9 and 10 year olds in the Minors Division. How would that work for registration?

    We believe splitting the Rookie Division into two groups (6/7 year olds and 7/8 year olds based on an evaluation) will give 8 year olds a better opportunity to play in a real game situation similar to Minors. They will also have a better opportunity to play all positions (including Pitcher/Catcher/SS) and be leaders on their teams than they will have in the Minor Division playing with older players.

  10. Can you give me more information on the Rookie Division ?

    There will be two divisions for Rookie. Rookie A (Coach Pitch for 6/7 year olds) and Rookie AA (Player Pitch for 7/8 year olds). Some of the details are still being worked out but the current plan is:

    Rookie A (Coach Pitch) will be the same as our past Rookie Division. As the season progresses, the players will begin to pitch as well.

    Rookie AA (Player Pitch) will play games with umpires and have playoffs like the older divisions. We believe this will be more interesting and exciting for the players and better prepare them for Minors. This division will play under the Cal Ripken 8 year old All-Star rules which are similar to Minors rules. See 8U 2011 Rules for more information.

    There will be an evaluation day for all 7 and 8 year olds to determine which division is best for the 7 year olds and also to allow us to make balanced teams for the Rookie AA Division.

    For more details see our Rookie Division page.

  11. My child is 10 and had a huge growth spurt. Should he stay in the Minors or can he move up to the Majors?

    Our league is all about allowing players to challenge themselves. While height isn’t an indication of skill, we do allow players to "play up" if desired.

  12. Do you allow players to "Play Up" into the next division or in a younger division ?

    Every season there are players that would like to play at the older age division (and the younger age division). Please contact us (info@pokbaberuth.org) before completing the online registration so we can override the system if needed to get your child into the appropriate division.    

    In the end, we’ll work with you to determine which Division is best for your child.

  13. My son is 12 and pretty good. Are there tournament opportunities?

    Yes. Our All-Star teams have captured the 8U, 10U and 11U Division championships in the last couple of years and have advanced to state tournaments. In addition, our leagues are incorporating more travel-team style games in the regular season to expose players to other area leagues.

  14. If my child has a problem with another player who do I talk to?

    Please go to your coach, If you’re not satisfied please contact the league president.

  15. Who do I contact if my child didn’t receive a uniform or is missing items from the uniform?

    Contact your coach.

  16. Great! Where do I sign up?

    Check out the website registration page at http://www.pokbaberuth.org/register.html

Junior/Senior (13+)

  1. Can my child play on the school baseball team and town team?

    Yes, of course we encourage children to play on both.

  2. What happens if there is a conflict between practices and games?

    Go to your school's practice. After your school's practice or game if time allows try to stop by. Let your coach know your schedule.

  3. Will my child be penalized for missing practices or games?

    No, we all have a busy schedule. Just you keep your coach informed. Remember your coaches volunteer their time.